Member Privileges

What kind of support should we provide to help your business succeed on the track? To reach 100% understanding about our client, we sincerely invite you to join our membership.

Such membership lets us to provide you with the most optimal workspace support and corporate supportive program with professional perspective and new thinking, achieving 100% customer satisfaction and 90% of customers retention.

Huge Enterprise Network

“A bamboo pole is easy to bend.” Any enterprise must have a reliable partner in its development to be stable and stand up. We believe this truth.

We have professionally and successfully supported more than 100 start-up companies and have accumulated more than HKD 10 million funds.

Therefore, we have the opportunity to negotiate with all walks of life, and strive to promote a cooperation between the parties, so that each other’s career can complement each other.

Enterprise Support Package

Has the company just started and the problems that need to be solved are piled up like mountains?

The so-called “good start is half the success”, TX Group hopes that your company can “win at the starting line.”

We assist you as a corporate service support center, providing you with a comprehensive coverage of the network, marketing, information technology, and funding services.

Mobile Desk

Sit with your heart and have new opportunities at any time.
Open workspaces in public areas can be used .

Fixed Desk

There is an exclusive desk that doesn’t interfere with others.
Equipped with chairs, trash cans and filing cabinets.

Private Office

Safe, high privacy, quietly working
Equipped with desk, office chair and file cabinet
Availability of small office for one person and a team office for up to 10 people.

Free entry 24 hours a day, 365 days

Meeting room


24 hours

Cctv monitoring

High speed wireless network

Commercial printer

Office Stationery

Free coffee,

drink supply

Have included water, electricity

and Management costs

Can be used as a business address

Daily cleaning

Support multiple languages

Send and receive mail service


Public rest space

Independent telephone room

Make an appointment

Be sure to come and see the shared workspace we built.

Contact Us

If you have any enquiries, please call us.

Hotline:+852 37515213
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